I have been meaning to write more consistently for my main personal blog gradwithatat, but haven’t particularly found any personal inspiration. One thing that I can speak to consistently, however, is the impact that living in Denver has had on my ability to get around.

Growing up, I never had a car nor really had use of one. When I left my parents post-undergrad, I moved to a city that had decent enough public transit for my masters that I could get away without having a car. Now, as I type this, I live in another city where, not only do I not really need a car in the main area, but I can comfortably get to the outlying suburbs and even as far as a regional college town without having a car. Writing about it is something that comes as easy as riding it.

Most of the topics of this blog will be related to getting around Denver and the periphery in relation to public transit, including RTD, FreeMallRide, and B-Cycle. However, there will be moments where I talk about my own personal transit (my bicycle) and newer developments such as dockless bikes and Lime Scooters. Due to the fact I use them sparsely, I will not be discussing Uber nor Lyft in the blog. Along with personal experience, I will touch upon some aspects of urbanism, including development related posts and items related to complete streets and Vision Zero.

I will try and update this blog weekly on Wednesdays, the operative term being “try” because life gets in the way. Since this is merely an introduction post, I will be putting out a blog tomorrow about what my personal commute has been like throughout my time in the Front Range. Hope you enjoy!

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