Was The Legend Ride fiction, though?

I initially posted about The Legend Ride to my personal blog GradWithATat because I received a journal from a security officer that worked at a hotel downtown detailing the incident. As a skeptic and journalist, I assumed the guy was just some merry prankster until I read the part about the second journal.

Something seems off.

I detailed my route  back when I was much more active with this blog platform and before joining DenverUrbanism as a contributor, and, after reading, as I have become to call him, Hercules’ story, I’ve noticed some interesting similarities. Ellipses are mine

My Ride

The initial couple of miles was decidedly suburban and terrifying. While most people fear cycling downtown. The stretch of area between the 11th Avenue Cherry Creek Trail and work is decently marked for a bike lane in the Golden Triangle area. The stretch from Dahlia to E Kentucky avenue, however, was a nightmare.


I ride up S Dahlia and Evans, getting virtually 0 traffic from other cars and pedestrians. . . When I reach Dahlia and Kentucky, I make my usual left turn, taking another right unto Cherry and going through…

Glendale. Hercules is trying to describe going through Glendale, because at Cherry and Kentucky there is a sign that welcomes people to Glendale, Colorado.

My Ride 

While signage is a lot less defined on the Glendale section of the trail, it picks up past the Cherry Creek Mall once 1st and University is crossed. The most memorable part of this section is immediately after the mall, where a rabbit that I nicknamed “First,” seems to appear around 9:20 PM. this section of the trail comprises another 2-2.5 miles of the entire ride.


I breezed through the sprinklers past the ave section of the trail, feeling a little chilly but still holding up fairly well. The 1st and University rabbit that is around mall seemed to be a little earlier on the trail than usual. She, along with a guy sleeping at the re-entrance up on the Univresity that I passed further.

Despite the decay in spelling and grammar, Hercules is describing the beginning of the Cherry Creek Trail, at least from where I usually enter. The “ave” section of the trail is the “Colorado Avenue” section of the area.

I used to take the trail in the AM as well, and First would also be on the trail around 6:15-6:30 AM, so Hercules isn’t lying when he says the rabbit is earlier than usual. Let’s do one more section, this time 2 separate passages for my ride

My Ride

While I will elucidate my thoughts on the country club later on in this blot (sic), the biggest frustration was a stoplight right at the entrance of the club at 1st and Gilpin, where I would be stopped at times to wait for one car to cross the intersection. After passing this light, it was a straight shot all the way to 11th and Speer.

From Downing to 11th was the most interesting stretch of people watching. From professional cyclists with interesting lights, to late night Lime and Ofo riders for the brief period when they were allowed until the ban, to a large homeless population that used the trail as refuge, it was an experience


After passing the University, I took it easy until offramp. I made mad dash with impunity, before signaling alley.

That sounds like a good portion of my commute. I tracked my rides in Strava consistently during the time I biked to work on nightshift, and here is (roughly) where I ended up landing.

My Ride

My Commute_LI.jpg

Hercules makes it past University, which means he reenters the Cherry Creek Trail in the Downtown Denver section of the map, but there is no indication of where he exits.

Oh hey, a package just came, I’ll be back.

Weird, I usually don’t get Saturday deliveries…


Wait, this journal looks familiar. Oh no, it can’t possibly be… oh lord.


It’s Hercules’ journal

Somehow, he knows I am unto him.

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