The Bayaud Shared Street: An Improvable Launching Point for Neighborhood Bikeway Infrastructure

Last Saturday, I took a ride on the Bayaud Shared Street near South Broadway and Lincoln Street. This bikeway, which stretches from Downing Street to Cherokee, acts as a connector for several different pieces of infrastructure in the Baker area, including the South Broadway bike Lane, the Alameda RTD light rail station, and the Platte River Trail

The Approach

I entered the bikeway roughly around 5:30 PM from the bike lane on Washington, going westbound on it. The most obvious infrastructure improvements for me upon entry were the curb extensions

Curb Extensions via bollards in the Bayaud Shared Street

For me, this felt similar to the curb extensions along Santa Fe Drive, which are helpful given the narrowness of the streets. The sharrows did not go unnoticed as well, a point of frustration for me because study after study bears out that they don’t work.

Riding in the Street

As I approached Pennsylvania, I started to notice the usual car traffic of the Baker area on a Friday night. After Pennsylvania, Logan to the traffic circle on Grant felt like it had a low volume of traffic as well versus the usual slew of people vying to park on the side streets.

From Grant to Lincoln felt very similar to the entrance to the bikeway in many ways with the overall volume of traffic. The end of the street had traffic modifications including bollards and clear signage at the corner of Lincoln and Bayaud. Beyond Lincoln, there isn’t a huge amount of infrastructure, owing mostly to the fact that its the beginning of the commercial district along South Broadway.

Concluding Thoughts

While I have had a lot of skepticism of bikeways in the past being an excuse for the Department of Transportation and Infrastructure to merely put up sharrows throughout the city, The Bayaud bikeway/shared street proved me wrong. Though I recognize that I am limited by the fact that I did this ride a singular time on Saturday, it still felt substantively different than when Bayaud was merely a shared street with barricades. For me, the improvements that I would like to see is the signage being a little more direct in regards to local traffic only and some sort of modification of the sharrows along the street. Overall, however, my experience in the Bayaud bikeway were positive, and I am excited to see them implemented throughout the city.

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