My Bike Commutes To Work, Ranked

In the spirit of Bike to Work Day, I have decided to rank all of the commutes I have had by bike with jobs that I have had over the years. Note: I am only counting commutes that I did fairly consistently, not ones that were one-offs or primarily relied on other forms of transportation.

5. Commute from Metrolink Station to United Way in Camarillo, CA (2014-2015)

Though it is technically the shortest of the commutes, it also required me to do the most amount of work off my bike. When I got to the station, I had to climb up a large set of stairs, carrying my cheap mountain bike with me and work from campus. The fact that it was along a frontage road in a heavily warehouse district meant there was a fair amount of car traffic, and was not maintained too well.

4. Commute from Graduate Housing to the Fanning Institute in Athens, GA (2016)

While this is one of the shorter commutes I have had, topping in at 15 minutes, the lack of any bike facilities, the large volume of car/bus traffic, and the humidity make this one closer to the bottom. The one nice thing about this route was drivers were slightly more charitable to me closer to campus that puts it above the one at the bottom.

3. Lincoln Park Neighborhood to the Art Museum (2019, 2020-2021)

With a fairly middle length commute, a decent amount of car traffic, and varying levels of snow maintenance, commuting from Lincoln Park to the Art Museum was the bike commute that I did the most. The middling aspect for me is the fact there were no real separated facilities from cars unless I was taking the 14th Avenue bike lane.

2. South Denver to Denver Art Museum (2017-2018)

Though it was the longest of my commutes over the years, going from the Ventana to the DAM was a nice meditation before the day began, helped me lose weight, and got me into riding. Along the Cherry Creek Trail, snow is maintained fairly well, and has just a couple of the same issues of the commute from Lincoln Park

1. Lincoln Park to Downtown Employer (May 2019-Aug 2019)

Even though the job did not work out perfectly, the route was nearly perfect save the short amount of time I had to spend on Colfax. It was mostly along the Cherry Creek trail, and involvement along the streets had at least some level of protection.

What are your favorite bike commutes over the years? Sound off in the comments below!

*Featured Image is a Protected Bike Lane near the Denver Art Museum*

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