Rolling to RTD Pt. 4: The Southeastern Line from Denver to the Tech Center

As we continue our journey to light rail stops throughout the metro, I figured it would be prudent to split the southeastern line into two distinctive parts, given the length that it covers.

A section of the E-Line

For this part, I focused on going from the Louisiana-Pearl station, ending at Belleview so I could talk briefly about the Tech Center. From Belleview, I took a ride back to 10th and Osage.

Lousiana Pearl Station

Located near Platte Park, Louisiana Pearl reminded me of the Pecos Junction station, minus the parking. It has two tiers of levels, and is located near a large amount of car traffic.

Some bicycle racks were located nearby, as were the typical elevators that allowed me to descend to the station at ease. The biggest problem with this station is the junction it is at having a minimal amount of wayfinding for someone on a bike, a feature that made it one of the more perilous journeys on my path.

University of Denver Station

As I journeyed down Buchtel towards University Station, some minor trails and bike lanes appeared. It still paralleled traffic, but having them felt like a minor pat on the back.

The station itself has some odd bike parking facilities closer to some of the bus stops along the way. Additionally, as a university campus, there are some areas that are more or less bikeable due to the nature of the paths through them. That being said, with wide roads just to the east, I knew my challenges along this route had just begun.

Colorado Station

Colorado Station is a stop that I am intimately familiar with. Being a major point of transit prior to riding my bike, I experienced it as a pedestrian several times with frustration, having to walk over Evans and I25 to reach it.

The station itself is accessible by elevator, though gets overwhelmed by crowds. There are some bicycle facilities, secure and racks. and a pedestrian bridge into the Virginia Village area. That being said, the terror of having to cross Evans to the south, particularly when it came to getting groceries, was a thing that made this particular station terrifying to me when it was my regular stop.

Yale Station

As I crossed Evans and navigated through both high and low stress neighborhoods, I made it to the Yale Station, making its home right above I25.

The access point for bikes reminded me of many of the Southwestern Suburb stations; that is to say it is a ramp going up.

There are some bike racks along the bottom level, but accessing the station from the street was a minor challenge, as there was not a lot of wayfinding or nearby bicycle facilities. From Yale, I crossed under I25, making my way towards Monaco.

Southmoor Station

The last major station before the northernmost tip of the Denver Tech Center, Southmoor is surrounded by a large parking lot with some bike racks near the bus stations. Acting as a second hub similar to Colorado Station, it has a bike lane adjacent to it on Monaco that leads further down into the southeast suburbs of Denver.

A ramp acted as the facility that I used to get to the station, calling back to my experience at the Westminster Station, minus the nearby park and parking garage. There were two elevators at the bottom, acting as my way up to the station.

I continued my journey southbound, heading into the last station technically in Denver, Belleview

Belleview Station

While many of the surrounding buildings are technically in Glendale and the feel of the area is equivalent to the Tech Center, Belleview Station is at one of the most southern points in the area

Belleview to me felt like a natural dividing line, with a mix of bicycle facilities including trails and unprotected lanes leading me to it, and the clear lack of them immediately surrounding the area. The station has parking for bikes, with a semi-large parking lot and construction going on nearby.

Final Thoughts

Finishing this stretch of the tour of light rails was one of the more difficult challenges of my biking career. Given that the E and R-line to an extent parallel I25, car culture was bountiful and reinforced by the large parking lots at or nearby a majority of stations. As my journey southward continues, I am expected a lot more of the same. Join me next week when I adventure to the southeastern most tip of RTD light rail.

Featured Image is of the “entrance” to the Tech Center

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