I Rode the Pegasus Service Up to Frisco this Memorial Day Weekend. Here is What I experienced.

To preface this review, I would like to note that u/the_climaxt gave a great review of the inaugural trip that they took on Pegasus here that I would recommend to anyone. The purpose of this review is to fill in some of the gaps, and speak to the connections that someone would make once they reach their destination.

When I made it to Union Station around 7:45 for my morning departure, I had no real idea where the Pegasus shuttle would be. After it reaching 8:00, I called the customer service line of pegasus, with a representative telling me to meet over by Tupelo Honey. Later, I learned from a driver that there was signage, albeit really small, over in the pick up area.

It was about 8:05 AM as we boarded. The driver was having issues with the QR scanner that he was given, so we manually showed him our tickets on our phones. Besides myself, there was one other person in the van that was visiting a friend up in Frisco.

USB chargers and WiFi are on board Pegasus, along with an area in the back to store larger pieces of luggage. In talking with the driver on the way up, he said that we were still among some of the first people using the service, noting that the gloomy and raining Memorial Day weather may have deterred people. Additionally, he said that, while it was only myself and one other person that showed up for the ride on Pegasus, two other folks had tickets and did not show up.

Along with talking about how the service was so far, we chatted about what I was going to do up in Frisco, the cost of plane tickets, and topics related to furniture. The driver was very friendly, and made the experience that much better. The one stop that we made at the Denver Federal Center took about 3-4 minutes, and we did not stop in Idaho Springs because no one had indicated they were going there/no one from there had bought a ticket.

Frisco Transfer Station

We got to Frisco around 9:45 ish. I began my journey in Frisco by doing some hikes up near Rainbow Lake, slightly battling the elements including rain and wind. Around the time that I walked along the marina after my hike, I ducked into a bar and grill in town and waited for it to blow over while getting lunch.

One of the things that I appreciated about Frisco was the fact that wayfinding was something that was fairly straightforward. Signs like the one on the right were everywhere, with the delineation between multi use paths like the one on the left versus streets downtown for pedestrians made very clear.

The bus shelters in town were great too, with protection from the elements being something that is further between in a system like RTD vs. Summit County’s free bus system. While I did not take advantage of it this trip, I will likely check it out next time I come around.

After ending my day up in Frisco at Outer Range Brewery about 3 minutes from the Frisco Transfer Center, I walked back to where I had gotten dropped off. Along my way back, I noted the different waiting areas for buses to cities across the county.

The driver left promptly at 5:45 and arrived back at Denver Union Station at about 7:18. The journey back was characterized by flurries that occurred after the Eisenhower Tunnel, with the driver noting that it had snowed on Memorial Day Weekend. We got back to the loading/drop off location at about 7:16, having to wait a couple of minutes for some drivers to pull out before being allowed fully to disembark.

Overall, the Pegasus experience and experience in Frisco was solid. If I had any complaints, they would be twofold. One, Pegasus needs a more dedicated area with better wayfinding, as it was something I was worried that I couldn’t even find. Two, it would be great if Summit County’s bus service would sync up with the Transit application, as I had no frame of reference as to where to go and did not want to download their in-house app to use the system. However, despite these criticisms, I enjoyed my time on Pegasus and in Frisco, and would recommend it to anyone who wants to skip traffic and the prices at the pump.

Featured Photo is the Author near a wood sculpture found near Frisco.

Correction: In an Earlier Draft, I mentioned that the street that Pegasus picked up on was Wazee in a photo caption. The street is in fact Wewatta.

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