Pedaling to Parks: Globeville Landing

Park Address: 3901 Arkins Ct. Denver, CO 80216

Neighborhoods/Area of interest Served: Platte River Trail, Globeville-Elyria-Swansea, River North Art District, Cole, Layton, Curtis Park

A pit stop along the Platte River Trail with a Disc Golf course and several amenities, Globeville Landing Park feels like a juncture between several competing interests and points of interests that make it interesting.


Globeville Landing started its life as a section of a Superfund site. The EPA and the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment worked jointly on a project to remove much of the contaminated soil in the area, completing a fair amount of the work from 2003-2006. The largest controversy in its existence was a major project the began in 2017, where a $300 Million dollar flooding project that led to the exposure of the remaining garbage and contaminated soil began. The projects main goal as well was to eliminate a flooding area for Central I70 expansion project, a project that would increase pollution in the neighborhoods and required the demolition of at least 56 homes.

A City Draft for the initial Globeville Landing revamp, 2017

The park expansion was completed in 2019, resulting in the creation of several active play areas and a picnic area.

Impressions Today

Globeville Landing in 2022 both felt like a great area for children and families to do things and an area of several interlocking tensions.

For me as someone who rides a bicycle, the biggest source of tension was where the park is situated along the South Platte River Trail. South of the trail is one of the most trafficked areas in Denver: Confluence Park and the entrance to the Cherry Creek Trail. North begins the entrance to what I have called The Blight Loop, one of the most notorious rides in Denver.

Tension continues in several ways as you take a look around the park. From the characteristic industry of Northside represented by the Pepsi Bottling Plant and the Western Stock Show complex, to the construction of buildings throughout River North that promise housing for some, and represent gentrification for others, to the RTD line going to the northernmost suburbs in Denver right next to a highway, it feels like you are at the center of several different Denvers.

The biggest thing that attracts me to the park is the sense of peace that it gives in the midst of a long ride. It acts as a rest stop for me, a middle place between the crowds of Confluence Park and the area by REI and the smells and horrors along of the blight loop.

Ways to get there by transit: The 12, 44, and A-Line Bus drop off near the park.

Ways to get there by bike: The Park is right off of the South Platte River Trail

Featured image is the entrance to Globeville Landing Park

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