Introducing Pedaling Through Parks

Imagine, for a minute, a typical recreational bike ride that you take in Denver. Do you remember trails such as Cherry Creek and Platte River, or do you think of the difficult stretches that make life miserable, such as heavily trafficked streets or bad infrastructure?

For me, I think of the best places for activities throughout Denver: parks. While some of the closest large parks to me like many folks in the Capitol Hill are Cheesman Park and City Park, there are several other smaller parks that have some of the same charm I love in both of these parks, and have traits that are great beyond this..

In the spirit of this love, this blog series will mostly be a love letter to these more neighborhood based parks vs the larger regional ones, with posts coming out roughly once a week in regards to the series. It will be a little less analytical than the Rolling to RTD series, but will include bike-ability as a measure that I will factor into this love.

Stay Tuned.

Featured Image is a Section of Alamo Placita Park

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