To Help Foster the E-Bike Revolution, RTD Must allow them on their Trains and buses

In less than a month, RTD will embark on a grand experiment when it comes to being a completely fare-free system. While this may be a good thing that will increase ridership, similar to the fare free February that Utah has had, there is one policy change RTD can make to increase ridership during

As I type this, the city of Denver is in the second round of round of E-bike Rebates, with 2,000 rebates available today until next month. From anecdotal evidence, it appears that the website had crashed, possibly indicating that all of the rebates available have been taken at this time and definitely indicating interest.

Beyond the generally accepted belief that cities should prepare for the growth of E-Bike use by using best practices such as creating more bike lanes, low stress routes, and increasing secure places to park a bike, e-bikes should be allowed to be used on public transportation. Currently, RTD bans electric bikes, stemming from the fact that earlier models of the bikes had internal combustion engines that were gasoline based. Given that the technology has evolved since this policy was put in place, a carve-out should exist for E-bikes that are battery powered, which constitute the majority of E-Bikes sold today.

With the influx of E-bike ridership and a fare free RTD, changing this rule could be a gamechanger both for individual E-Bike riders wanting to explore more of the Front Range and RTD as a whole in creating a new group of riders. If you are interested in changing this rule, consider signing the following petition to get the ban rescinded.

Happy Monday, and hope to see you out on the trails.

*Featured photo is of Shalon Bowens with her Momentum LaFree E+ eBike outside her home in Denver’s Central Park neighborhood. Bowens received the bike for free last October. Photo Credit to Sam Brasch of CPR News*

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