B-Cycle Lost, no RTD Boss: A turbulent time for transit in Denver and beyond.

If you have been paying attention in the slightest to new about transit on the Front Range, you may have noticed the massive upheaval that everything is currently going through. From RTD’s CEO retiring part way through his term, to the proposed cuts will be revealed on December 12. The other big news this week is the end of B-Cycle in Denver with the city looking for a new bikeshare company. Looking at all of these changes as someone that until yesterday was a regular user of the light-rail and someone that is a consistent user of B-Cycle (to the point I wrote an article about it) scares me to an extent, and should scare anyone that is an advocate for less car usage and promotes alternative modes of transportation.

Lingering in the background of this is the newly created Department of Transportation and Infrastructure (DOTI), approved by Denver voters overwhelmingly in the past November election and tasked with taking over the work of the Department of Public works while being permitted to work on transit issues at the city level through its new charter. If there is a glimmer of hope in a time where transit is very likely to constrict from RTD and the loss of B-Cycle, it is from a hopefully aggressively DOTI advocating for city level improvements to transit infrastructure. In the meantime, I will begin to use this space to drive people to advocate for different transit options and keep people updated in regards to the changes coming to the city of Denver.


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